What is the Intuitive Art for Your Healing all about? It is a specific art-based counselling program, 3 weeks/sessions, where ART is used to promote and stimulate your healing.
I am a trained art educator, an artist, and a Licensed Counselling Therapist. I also believe in intuition and personal power and alchemy. This Program is offering you what I know to create your own healing magic. After some years of development, it is now ready to be offered.

It can be used in conjunction with talk therapy, or separate. If you are a current client and are interested in incorporating Intuitive Art for Your Healing into your sessions, let me know. If you are NEW and want to know more, email me (jaclyn@trecartintherapy.com).

BYOAS (Bring Your Own Art Supplies🎨!)You will need to invest in some art supplies---a list will be given before the first session, but under $50 would be the expected investment for your supplies.

Sessions are at the standard session rate.